5 agosto, 2020


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Dear Francesca by Xusa Bou

Francesca Woodman unintentionally has become the best tool to express my emotions and my way of seeing life at this moment.

A series of images to explore who I am and to look at myself through her eyes.

A work  to offer my humble tribute to one of the photographers that I admire the most and has influenced my way of looking through the lens.


Dear Francesca,

I've wanted to work with you since I met you . I know that it's also been difficult for people to understand your way of seeing life, that's why my intuition told me that we would make a good team.

I had the need to let you into my mind, to get into yours, to feel what you felt and learn from your experience. So I have to thank you for agreeing.

I've always felt that something didn't fit in me, that I couldn't find my place and the more I know you the more I see that we are together in that. I have always known that the only way for my mind to flow, was to flow with you, that my place was with you.

Thanks Francesca. Thank's for letting me know you, for agreeing to meet me. It has been a real pleasure working with you. But dear friend, our farewell is not a matter of goodbye but see you soon.



Xusa Bou

Her career in photography begins late, but from her first photograph it's evident that her way of looking through the lens is different. Her personality behind the camera is noticeable as she faces  the challenge of shooting away from conventions.

She uses photography as a tool to understand herself and her feelings as well as a way of understanding the world that surrounds her.

Her restless style goes has changed through time, but we would highlight conceptualism as her greatest influence, inspired by artists like Francesca Woodman.

This exhibition focuses precisely on her exploration of Woodman's photography using her own point of view and personality.


Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman, was born on April 3, 1958 in Denver, Colorado into a family of artists that made art a life priority.

At only 13 years old, her father gave her her first camera. It became the first tool to develop her creativity behind the lens.

Her subject matter is easily identifiable thanks to aspects such as the use of black and white and  self-portrait in abandoned and melancholic settings. Her distinctive style has made her one of the most influential contemporary artists after her death at the age of 23.

Her body is represented both naked and dressed in an exercise of exploration of femininity. The portraits of her body are ethereal, trying to allude to a higher plane than the earthly one.

We would highlight Man Ray and Victorian literature as some of her most important influences.


18 September 2020


24 October 2020


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