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Ojos Rojos es un proyecto fotográfico nacido como revista digital gratuita (sigue estando disponible en la web), y convertido desde 2019 en festival.

Ojos Rojos es fotografía autoral de España e Iberoamérica. Nuestros intereses van desde las fotógrafas y fotógrafos consolidados a la fotografía emergente, desde lo clásico a lo contemporáneo, desde lo local a los puentes transoceánicos con América, enriqueciéndonos con la diversidad cultural y generacional, pero siempre haciendo prevalecer la calidad de los trabajos

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If a photograph is a reference of reality, is it still so after having been intervened? Why does it keep bothering us when someone touches documentary photos or portraits? What does the rewriting of some images imply? Many questions on the table that promise a great debate on this controversial topic.

"The intervened photography", will propose a reflection on the creative possibilities, and the ethical and aesthetic limits of the image.

The exhibition "Library of Souls" by the artist Nina Llorens Peters, which is presented within the framework of the Red Eyes Festival 2021, will be the starting point of the debate.



The dynamics of the round table "The intervened photography" will be developed from a brief presentation by Nina Llorens about her work "Library of souls" giving way to the approach of the speakers and subsequent debate, where attendees will also be able to take part.

During the round table next Saturday, October 2, we will learn about different visions of creative intervention on photography. Nina Llorens Peters uses collage in her artistic production, for years she has exposed her themes where photography is her main source to work with. Marisa Giménez Soler has a long experience in Cultural Management and, as a contemporary art critic, she knows well the work of the Spanish appropriationists. Eduardo D'Acosta as a teacher, is a specialist who reviews these aesthetic aspects in his photographic workshops and Mili Sánchez co-director of the Festival, teacher and photographer, will be in charge of moderating the debate.


@Nina Llorens Peters


Nina Llorens Peters, collage artist, designer and author of Biblioteca de almas.

Marisa Giménez Soler, Director of the Russian Museum of Alarcón, co-founder of the Blue Mat and Twelve Islands.

Eduardo D'Acosta, photographer, researcher, disseminator and teacher specialized in contemporary photography and uses of the image.

Mili Sánchez, photographer, teacher and co-director of the magazine and the festival Ojos Rojos.


2 de October 2021


Casa Cultura. Xàbia

Plaça de Baix, 6,

Saturday 19.00 h