5 agosto, 2020


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BAI WEN contains photographs of Pep Aparisi in small format, deliberately aged, which try to evoke happy moments and other memories he finds in the silence of his daily walks.

They portray small objects that seek to individualize their photographic prints so that the viewer can not only observe them, but also think and reflect on their images.

Pep Aparisi uses photography to capture representations that evoke memories, and experiments with different printing surfaces, toners and handles different techniques and combines them to show us that each print is part of a broader reality.

His themes include natures, objects, animals, landscapes or seascapes, and encourage viewers to rescue their own memories and their own emotions in the face of simple and suggestive individual boxes. These photographs, which fit in the palm of the hand or in the jacket pocket, are mainly objects that we can touch and manipulate. Pep Aparisi likes the idea that his images give the impression of being anonymous photographs found in a market or an antique store, that have the charm and mystery that fuses past and present, reality and memory.

When you see the exhibition, you can also see two artist books and ten folders edited for the occasion.

The exhibition consists of 52 photographs of different sizes in black painted wooden frames, and four collages in black aluminium frames, all protected with matte glass.

Rafa Gomar


18 September 2020


24 October 2020


Galería Isabel Bilbao

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