5 agosto, 2020


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Since the beginning of his photographic life, Luis Vioque has used the panoramic landscape in his work. The insistent search for timeless images and a constant game with the line of the  horizon are the main constants with which he manages to express himself.

As defined by the poet Josep M. Rodríguez

Intimate panoramic. If I had to define the style of Luis Vioque, I would definitely use that expression: intimate panoramic. Two apparently opposite words, which come together and fill with meaning  each of his photographs.

His main photographic series are Un Viaje Imaginario (2001) Mares de Portugal (2004) Océanos de arena (2010) Siluetas del paisaje (2012) Madrid panorámico (2013) Islandia (2018) y Nórdica (2020) this latest work is the one that we introduce to you at the Ojos Rojos Photographic Festival.

Nordica is a photographic work carried out over four years in the four Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The immensity of the photographed landscape makes you feel alone and at the same time surrounded by nature and silent magic; makes you reflect on life, on the present and the future. The mountains, rivers, glaciers, fjords and in general the panoramic views of these countries provoke the sensation of being in communion with nature, without leaving out the human footprint that appears and is reflected in piers, houses, roads …… The human presence  is almost anecdotal, showing errant silhouettes in the distance and presenting scenarios where the person has been absorbed by the landscape.

Time is another concept present in these landscapes, it stops, it is diluted without any reference that  can make us guess the temporal location of the shot, they are clearly timeless landscapes with nature always as the main subject.



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