28 julio, 2020


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"The only permanent thing is change" (Heraclitus)

Photographs taken of the human body, a landscape in continuous transformation. Images of the physical, the skin and the carnal, combined with scenes of nature where change also flows.

In the link and the relationship of the human species with its natural environment, I observe how the behavior patterns and the consequences of each action seem to be based on rules or rhythms similar to natural cycles, where everything is connected in a constant renewal and mutation of matter and energy. This project was born from that need to inquire about the transience of our identity.

I am interested in the body as a fragile, intimate and sensory entity, as a map and territory in which emotions travel and change. The mark of change, renewal.

I reflect on the brittle, impermanent, and unstable in our lives. I observe the weakness of beliefs, ideas and feelings that change with the passage of time, and I am amazed at the malleability of the human being and his assimilation of all experience.

Panta Rei is an exercise that examines the physical being as if it were trying to discover what is hidden under the skin, peering into the ways in which the invisible manifests itself. The map of our vital processes is revealed in inert matter and also in organic matter.

In this autobiographical work I confront my vulnerability. My emotional landscape changes. Who was I? who I am? who do I want to be?



Lucía Morate



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