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HISTORIAS DE PLAYA (Beach stories)

TRÓPICO DE CANCER (Tropic of Cancer)


We introduce an author with a clear vocation for humanistic and documentary photography as well as essays . His work has been exhibited in many countries. In museums and galleries such as the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. IVAM. Casa de América  in Madrid. The Meadows Museum, Dallas. Museum of Fine Arts, Havana. Niemeyer Center.  La Fábrica, Madrid. Forum for Photography, Colognne, Germany. VHS Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany. Casa de las Américas, Havana. Canal de Isabel II, Madrid, etc.

He collaborated in printing the work of the Peruvian photographer Martín Chambi, along with Juan M. Castro Prieto in the city of Cuzco, 1990, Peru. Curator of the anthological exhibition "Cuba 100 years of photography". Curator of the Rescued Image. "Photography in the Murcia region". Investigates and curates the work of Austrian photographer Klaus Schnitcher (a) "Conrado", in the Dominican Republic. His work is published in specialized magazines and books in Mexico, USA, France, Germany, Argentina, etc. His work is mainly focused on Latin American countries.

Awarded the Olorum International Photography Prize  by the Ibero-American Image Fund in Cuba. "Bartolomé Ros" Photoespaña Award in 2017 for the best Spanish photographic career  for: "his constancy, independence, empathy and commitment to realities near and far, in Spain and Latin America, building stories around the passions that characterize the human being." Piedad Isla Award. 2018 to the best Spanish photographic career, Palencia.

His photos are in multiple national and international, private and public collections; IVAM, Valencia. Colección Canal, Madrid. Museum Marugame Irai in Japan. Forum-Photographie in Cologne. Heide Santamaría Foundation in Havana. Niemeyer Center, etc. He teaches many workshops in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Cuba. 

In the year 2000, on his own initiative, he presented the base for the creation of the Center  for Historical Photography of the Region of Murcia (CEHIFORM). Created in September 2001, he ran the centre until mid-2007.

Author of more than fifteen monothematic books and photo essay. Raíz de sueños, CartagenaAyuntamiento,1995; Malecón de La Habana. “el gran sofá”, Murcia, Mestizo1997; Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos. PHotoBolsillo nº 39, Madrid, La Fábrica, 2002; La Habana. Visión interior, Barcelona, Lunwerg, 2002; Retratos. 1980-2005, Alicante, Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo, 2006; Fachadas, Cartagena, La Naval, 2005; Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo, 2006; Bienvenidos a La Boca, Cartagena, Ayuntamiento de Cartagena, 2007; DESEO, Murcia, Consejería de Cultura, 2007; SON, Murcia, Ayuntamiento de Murcia, 2009; Puerto Eterno, Cartagena, Ayuntamiento, 2013; Cuenca en la mirada,Cuenca, Diputación de Cuenca, 2013; LUX PETRAE, Museo Teatro Romano de Cartagena. 2014; Trópico de Cáncer, Comunidad Autónoma Murcia, Cajamurcia y Diputación de Álava, 2015. Calle del Ángel. 1951-1964. Comunidad Autónoma de la Región de Murcia y Ayto. de Cartagena. 2016; DIOS IBEROAMERICANO, Consejería de Cultura, Comunidad de Madrid. 2017.

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