5 agosto, 2020



TODO VA BIEN (All's well)


«I have photographed empty spaces and inhospitable places, landscapes of iron and shadows without owners, a forgetful present l and past memories. I have also portrayed abandoned and useless objects, boarded doors and  windows, vestiges of a frozen time that stopped running, that of shared human loneliness on a screen. They are images with a certain ironic charge, without human presence, although their traces are there, as strange proof of daily life ».

I never thought that these images, made with symbolic or metaphorical intention, depending on the case, could one day turn into photographs with an almost documentary character. I must admit that I have become a little disturbed by that almost premonitory sense that is present in much of the book.

The words of  Llorenç Raich in his book "Photography and poetic motif" come to memory,  in reference to the work "The window of my workshop" by Josef Sudek: "And it was in the solitude of those spaces where beauty  took refuge from collective and social history to preserve his individual and intimate history ».

Carlos de Paz is a lifelong photographer, with more than fifty years of experience behind him, which has allowed him to make a great revision of his photographic archive to be able to put together the images of his  book Todo va bien, where the influence of Albert Camus, the reflections of Walter Benjamin and the estrangement of Cortázar, among others is present. The title extracted from a text by Albert Camus speaks of the value of life, as a metaphor of the useless effort, which shows that our lives are insignificant and have no more value than the value of what we create.

Todo va bien is a portrait of the absurdity of this society, with a critical approach to the world in which we live in , it constantly shows the imprint of the human being, that is present, but not  directly.  The author's interest in showing how much of his personal memory can be part of the collective memory is present throughout the book





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